Initial teacher training briefings

7 November 2013

Initial teacher training briefing - 17 October 2013 (PDF)

Universities' are concerned about the impact of the next round of initial teacher training allocations on their ability to sustain teacher training provision. This includes the ability to sustain support for schools-led routes such as the School Direct programme.

Universities UK calls to government to:

  • ensure sufficient core allocation is granted to universities to enable them to sustain provision, including the support that they offer to School Direct partnerships 
  • provide a greater degree of security to universities as to core allocation in future years, to enable them to plan and invest for the future 
  • make it easier to transfer unfilled allocation between different routes to ensure good candidates are not turned away

Initial teacher training briefing - 7 November 2013 (PDF)

While demand for teachers is rising, the government has announced a 15% cut in the number of teacher training places allocated to universities for 2014–15. Universities are concerned that these cuts will make it difficult to sustain teacher training provision, including their capacity to support school-led routes such as the School Direct programme, and lead to teacher shortages in the future.

Thousands more should be able to do Degree Apprenticeships

15 July 2019
Bold action is needed from government to reform the degree apprenticeship system so many more people can become degree apprentices, according to a major report published today by Universities UK.

HEPI report on qualifications gap

23 August 2018
Universities UK response to the new report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) calling on universities to reverse the collapse in technical education in England.

Pathways and flexibility are key to supporting lifelong learning

18 December 2020
Dave Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor of London South Bank University, argues that if we are to facilitate lifelong learning and avoid ‘educational dead ends’, universities must play a core role in qualification design.