Gone International: rising aspirations

Gone International: rising aspirationsThis report is the latest in UUKi's annual series of outward student mobility cohort studies comparing the academic and employment outcomes of undergraduate students who spent time studying, working or volunteering abroad as part of their degree with those who did not.

Over the past five years, the series has demonstrated a trend that students who go abroad are more likely to have better outcomes in both academic and employment measures. In short, mobile students get better degrees and better jobs.

 This year's report shows that more students than ever before, and more students from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, are going abroad. The research continues to make the case for Erasmus+, finding that almost half the opportunities for students to go abroad during their second year were facilitated through the programme.

 This year for the first time, UUKi has also produced focused breakdowns looking at data for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Scotland cover.PNG

Gone international: rising aspirations


Wales cover.PNG

Gone international: rising aspirations


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Gone International: rising aspirations

Northern Ireland

The report has been produced with the support of the Higher Education Statistics Agency.


The UK’s national campaign to double the percentage of UK-domiciled students who study, work or volunteer abroad during their degrees.

Join campaign partners at the Go International conference 2019 to share best practice and hear how to help more students study abroad.


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