Impact of universities

Universities have an impact on all aspects of life in Britain.

The jobs that every community relies on – the teachers, doctors, dentists and nurses – are trained at university.

Universities attract valuable income and investment to all corners of the UK, including the income and jobs that students bring. Our universities also make up one of the most successful British exports, with spending international students worth £7.3 billion a year to the economy.

Our world-leading research changes the world, and improves people’s everyday lives in all sorts of ways. 

And higher education is more inclusive than ever, giving people from any background the opportunity to go to university and transform their life prospects.

Universities: improving futures

In a unique partnership, Universities UK and ITN Productions have produced a news and current affairs-style programme exploring the marked effect that universities have on people's lives.
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#GettingResults is a campaign showcasing the key role UK universities are set to play in the economic and social recovery from Covid-19.

Universities: what the public thinks

Universities feature prominently in national and local media and in political debates, but what the public thinks about the sector has been largely absent from discussions.
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​Universities drive productivity and growth

Universities are a vital part of the UK economy. They support innovation, work alongside industry, support local and regional growth and jobs, and drive productivity.
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​Universities attract talent from across the globe

Higher education is a British success story, attracting some of best talent from around the world.
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Universities support their local area and communities

Universities are important hubs for their local area, boosting employment and spending.Their influence places them right at the heart of the community.
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Universities equip people with the skills to succeed

Surveys show that university courses offer the best outcomes for both graduates and employers, training students in the higher-level skills that are increasingly needed in the workplace.
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Universities transform people’s lives

It is clear that going to university improves people's life chances, and our universities work hard to ensure that these opportunities are available to everyone, whatever their background.
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University research changes the world

Research in UK universities has transformed the world, underpins social and economic progress, and improves people’s lives every day.
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Our videos about the impact of universities

Watch our videos about the impact of universities on individuals, society and the economy.