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Alistair Jarvis

Alistair Jarvis
Universities UK
Chief Executive

Alistair Jarvis was appointed Chief Executive of Universities UK in summer 2017.

Before taking up his current role, he was Deputy Chief Executive, and prior to that Director of External Relations at Universities UK. Before joining UUK in 2013 he was a Director at the University of Birmingham and has previously held communications, campaigning and political relations roles for national organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Alistair is currently a member of the Government’s high-level stakeholder working group on EU Exit, Universities and Research; a member of the Financial Services Skills Taskforce and sits on the steering group of the Industrial Strategy Council prosperity mapping project. He has previously held voluntary roles as Deputy Chair of the board of Wonkhe, a higher education policy media company; as a Commissioner of the UPP Civic Universities Commission; and as a member of the judging panel for both the Times Higher and Guardian University Awards.

He was educated at the Universities of Kent, Leicester and the Institute of Education, University of London. Alistair is a fellow of the RSA.

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