Invitation to tender: transnational graduate outcomes

Universities UK International (UUKi) is inviting organisations with understanding of the UK's transnational education sector to apply for the delivery of a research project on transnational education graduate outcomes focusing on a limited range of institutions, programmes and markets.

Please note, the application deadline has now passed for this opportunity.

The research project seeks to support UUKi's efforts to provide evidence of the impact that UK higher education transnational education (TNE) has on graduates and the communities in which they live and work. In particular the project seeks to:

  • Outline the scale of UK higher education TNE currently in operation in the territory or territories object of the research
  • Identify a sample of UK providers delivering a range of UK higher education TNE programmes in the territory or territories
  • Identify and measure graduate outcomes for students in the chosen providers and programmes
  • Highlight impact on the local community of UK higher education TNE based on findings of graduate outcomes 

The research project does not prescribe a specific definition of graduate outcomes. The most common definitions refer to employment status, earnings and graduates' opinions of their study. The supplier could specify other outcomes depending on the data available, for instance those related to engagement with the UK after graduation, or to contribution to essential public services such as health and education. It is expected that the supplier will be able to prove that they have access to significant data sources or subjects relevant for the object of the research. For instance, networks of UK TNE alumni or existing data on graduate outcomes (e.g. employability, progression to further study, or health or education outcomes).

The deliverable will be a report divided in two parts:

  1.  A section detailing findings from data analysis on graduate outcomes in a specific territory or territories and from a set of programmes in a range of institutions
  2.  A section presenting findings on the impact that transnational education had on students and on the local communities where they live and work, drawing from the results of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of student outcomes


Tender submissions

Please note, the application deadline has now passed for this opportunity. The application deadline was 16 April 2021 at 17.00 BST. 

UUK shall have the right to disqualify any candidates who submit incomplete or late tenders. 

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) with full details can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email:


​​16 April 2021, 17.00 BST
​Deadline for receipt of emailed tenders
​20-21 April 2021
​Telephone interviews with shortlisted candidates
​23 April 2021
​Award of tender to successful candidate
​21 June 2021
​Delivery of background notes and first draft outlines
​26 July 2021
​Delivery of final case studies, summary overview, and accompanying resources


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